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The [[jupload_todo]] list is now in [[jupload_todo|this separate page]]. The [[jupload_todo]] list is now in [[jupload_todo|this separate page]].
 +===== Version 4.1.0 =====
 +Packaged with the applet 5.0.0rc4
 +The package: {{:cpg1.4-5.x_plugin_jupload_v4.1.0.zip|}}
 +  * [Major] Add of the resume feature: when a resumable error occurs (typically: a network error), the applet will try to resume the upload. That is: a dialog box is open to ask the user if he wants to retry the upload, by re-executing it. A timer makes this retry automatic: if the user doesn't choose (eg: if he is aways from his computer), the upload will automatically be re-executed.
 +  * [Major] Add of the cookieList configuration parameter. This allows the administrator to choose the list of cookies to use. It should help to manage the bridge mode, in Coppermine 1.5 and above versions.
 +  * [Major] Czech translation corrected (upload would not work)
 +  * [Major] There should be no more 'SUCCESS string not found error', but the proper Coppermine message.
 +  * [Minor] The not really useful column 'Readable?', on the file list, has been removed.
 +  * [Minor] Add of mime types Office 2007 support (thanks to jsibby)
 +  * [Minor] Display of the URL of uploaded pictures, on the 'edit uploaded pictures' page, after an upload. Allow to copy/paste the list of the uploaded pictures.
 +  * [Major] Compatibility with CPG 1.5.6
 +  * [Major] 1.5 - Regular users can (again) create albums
 +  * [Minor] Compatibility with XFeeds RSS Plugin
 +  * [Minor] Applet doesn't response to the stop button, when waiting for the server response.
 +  * [Minor] Better thread management at applet startup. Can prevent some (very rare) browser crash.
 +  * [Minor] Better reaction to the user's selection of an album (prevent the display of the error 'please select an album before upload')
 +  * [Coding, 1.5] There is no more 'global $superCage', according to Coppermine 1.5 coding rules.
 +  * [Romanian] Romanian translation added, thanks to ady1503
 +  * [Bulgarian] New translation, thanks to zulix  (zulix at zulix.net)
 +===== Version 4.0.1 =====
 +The package: {{:jupload-4.0.1.zip|}}
 +  * [Major] The edition of uploaded pictures properties was broken since 4.0.0rc1
 +Know issues:
 +  * [Cpg1.5] The edition of uploaded pictures properties doesn't work
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-  * [Hungarian] Updated translation, including the applet, thanks to Rézsó Gábor  +  * [Hungarian] Updated translation, including the applet
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-  * [Hungarian] Partial translation (PHP only), thanks to Rézsó Gábor+  * [Hungarian] Partial translation (PHP only)

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