JUpload translations


This page redirect to the currently available translation for JUpload. It allows anyone to:

  • Mail me a new translation
  • Check for an existing translation, or proposes updates to it.

JUpload contains two parts:

  • The applet, that can be used to add upload functionnalities to any application,
  • The PHP part, when using it for the Coppermine Gallery

Existing translations

The following links contains the two translations, for the applet and the PHP part. If you send me a new translation, please email me the full one, even if you want to use only the Applet part.

The existing translations are :

  • Bresilian (thanks to Frederico Ronfaut Klein: fred.adm.at.terra.com.br)
  • Czech (thanks to Vladan Zajda)
  • Chinese (thanks to liu_fbo.at.126.com)
  • Dutch (thanks to Rob van Kempen: rob.at.vankempen.nu)
  • Danish (thanks to Jeppe Bundsgaard: jebu at dpu dot dk)
  • Esperanto (thanks to Chuck Smith: whiz.at.users.sourceforge.net)
  • German (thanks to Farnsi: doctor-zoidberg[at]web[dot]de)
    • German Sie (thanks to Farnsi: doctor-zoidberg[at]web[dot]de)
  • Hebrew (thanks to liorda at gmail dot com)
  • Italian (thanks to angeldevil: atweb1 at tin dot it)
  • Japanese (thanks to Takashi Yukawa: takashi_922 at yahoo dot co dot jp)
  • Norwegian (thanks to Pål Knudsen: surrehue2000 at hotmail dot com, and to Tore Kjørsvik: tore at wis dot no)
  • Polish (thanks to Wojtek Semik: wojteks at pvd dot pl)
  • Russian (thanks to Max Turanskiy: turanskiy at gmail dot com)
  • Slovenian (thanks to Alenka Pirman and Damjan Leban: damjan dot leban at siol dot net)
  • Spanish (thanks to jesusangelwork: jesusangelwork[at]users.sourceforge[dot]net)
  • Turkish (thanks to Gunay Mazmanoglu: gunay at arisetel dot com)

Create a new translation

If you want to create a new translation .. You're really welcome! :-)

This is simple. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Open the juploadEnglish page
  2. Copy the whole page into your favorite text editor. Please use something like Word or openOffice, as there are too many different encoding in text files
  3. Translate the strings
  4. Send me a mail, with this file (Word, or RTF files please).

I will then :

  1. Add your translation to the applet and to the coppermine plugin
  2. Generate a beta package, which will be avaible in the download section,
  3. Publich it to my test site, so that you can check everything is Ok,
  4. Generate a new 'official' package, once I have your validation.

The lang_XX.properties file in the applet is in ISO-8859-1 encoding. To create it, I do these steps:

  1. Create a UTF8 file from the content of the given RTF or Word file.
  2. use the native2ascii utility:
    • native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 lang_XX_properties.utf8 lang_XX_properties

The PHP file is encoded in UTF-8.

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