English translation

Applet text

# English translation.
# Maintainer: - (identical to default)
# The %1$d (and similar) code sequences are placeholders for varable substitution,
# The sequence %% represents a single percent-character. 

buttonBrowse = Browse ...
buttonRemoveSelected = Remove Selected
buttonRemoveAll = Remove All
buttonRotateLeft = Rotate left
buttonRotateRight = Rotate right
buttonUpload = Upload
buttonStop = STOP
messageLogWindowCopiedToClipboard = Debugging messages have been copied to the clipboard.
#JUploadPanel, The components of the status line
speedunit_gb_per_second = Gb/s
speedunit_mb_per_second = Mb/s
speedunit_kb_per_second = Kb/s
speedunit_b_per_second = b/s
timefmt_hms = %1$dh, %2$d min. and %3$d sec.
timefmt_ms = %1$d min. and %2$d sec.
timefmt_s = %1$d seconds
timefmt_unknown = unknown
status_msg = JUpload %1$d%% done, Transfer rate: %2$s, ETA: %3$s

errFileTooBig = The file length for '%1$s' is too big (%2$s)

preparingFile = Preparing file %1$d/%2$d
infoUploading = Uploading files %1$s
infoUploaded = %1$s file(s) uploaded. Waiting for server response ...
infoAborted = Upload aborted after %1$d File(s).
nbUploadedFiles = %1$d file(s) uploaded
errDuringUpload = Upload stopped with errors
errHttpResponse = Upload failed: unexpected HTTP response
questionSendMailOnError = An error occurred during upload. Do you want to send all relevant information to the webmaster?

colName = Name
colSize = Size
colDirectory = Directory
colModified = Modified
colReadable = Readable?
errForbiddenExtension = Forbidden file extension.

errDuringLogManagement = An error occurred during log management

chooseAlbumFirst = Please, choose an album first.
coppermineUploadOk = The pictures have been correctly loaded on the server, in the selected album.\n\nClick on Ok now to associate names and comments to these pictures.\n\nDon't forget to click on the 'Apply modification button' to save your modifications on the server !

tooBigPicture = Picture '%1$s' is too big. It will be uploaded unchanged (no rotation, resizing...).
notAPicture = The file named '%1$s' is not a picture. It is not added to the list of files to be uploaded.

buttonClose = Close

dateformat = yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm aaa

#SizeRenderer. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KiB
unitBytes = b
unitGigabytes = GiB
unitMegabytes = MiB
unitKilobytes = KiB

Confirm = Confirm

itm_title_pass = Enter %1$s password
itm_prompt_pass = %1$s password:
itm_cert_alert = SSL Certificate Alert
itm_cert_details = Certificate details:
itm_cert_subject = Subject:
itm_cert_issuer = Issuer:
itm_cert_nbefore = Not before:
itm_cert_nafter = Not after:
itm_cert_serial = Serial:
itm_cert_fprint = %1$s Fingerprint:
itm_cert_C = Country:
itm_cert_CN = Common name:
itm_cert_L = Locality:
itm_cert_ST = State or province:
itm_cert_O = Organization:
itm_cert_OU = Organizational unit:
itm_reasons = Reason(s):
itm_reason_cnmatch = The certificate common name does not match the hostname (%1$s).
itm_reason_itrust = Certificate issuer is not trusted.
itm_reason_expired = The certificate is expired.
itm_reason_notyet = The certificate is not yet valid.
itm_fail_verify = The certificate, presented by the server could not be verified.
itm_accept_prompt = Do you want to accept this certificate?
itm_accept_always = Always
itm_accept_now = Only for this session
itm_accept_no = No
itm_new_tstore = New TrustStore
itm_tstore = TrustStore

PHP part for the Coppermine plugin

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------- //
// File jupload.php
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------- //

if (defined('JUPLOAD_PHP')) {
	$lang_jupload_php = array_merge (
		  'link_title' => 'JUpload',
		  'link_comment' => 'Upload files to the gallery, with the help of an applet',
		  'perm_denied' => 'You don\'t have permission to perform this operation.<BR><BR>If you\'re not connected, please <a href="$1">login</a> first',
		  'select_album' => 'Please, choose an album, where you want to upload pictures',
		  'button_update_album' => 'Update album',
		  'button_create_album' => 'Create album',
		  'success' => 'Action success !',
		  'error_select_album' => 'Please, choose an album first',
		  'error_album_name' => 'Please give a name to the album.',
		  'error_album_already_exists' => 'You already own an album with this name.<BR><BR>Please click on the <I>Back</I> button of your navigator, to type another title for your new album.',
		  'album_name' => 'Album name',
		  'album_presentation' => 'You must select an album here. The pictures you\'ll send to the server will be stored in this album. <BR>If you don\'t have any album, the album list is empty. Use the \'Create\' button to create your first album.',
		  'album_description' => 'Album description',
		  'add_pictures' => 'Add pictures to the selected album',
		  'max_upload_size' => 'The maximum size for a picture is $1 KB',
		  'upload_presentation' => 'If the square below definitely refuses to display the applet, and the navigator indicates that there are errors on this page, a good idea would be to install the java runtime plugin.<BR>After, upload is really simple! Click on <B>Browse</B> to select files or use drag\'n\'drop from the explorer, then click on <B>Upload</B> to send the pictures to the server.'
		. "<BR>To use the <U>old upload page</U>, <a href='upload.php'>click here</a>.",
		  'album' => 'Album',
		  //Since 2.1.0
		  'java_not_enabled' => 'Your navigator doesn\'t allow java. The upload applet need java. You can easily download it from the <a href="http:\\java.sun.com\jre\">java web site</a>',
		  //Since 3.0.0
		  'picture_data_explanation' => 'Click on this link, and enter data in the fields below, if you want these to be applied to all pictures in the next upload.',
		  'quota_used' => 'You are currently using $1 MB ($2%) of your $3 MB of storage.',
		  'quota_about_full' => 'Remove some pictures, or ask the admin to make your quota bigger.',
		  //Since 3.2.0
		  'need_approval' => 'The gallery admin must approve these uploaded pictures, before you can see them on the gallery.'

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