JUpload plugin for Coppermine TODO list


  • [Works ok] check the linkTitle config param. (answer to simon36 message)
  • [Some old doc removed] Check if some doc remains, about the user/config.inc.php file.
  • [Corrected] Correct the bug, signaled by my:phi (can't upload to the 'no category' category).

Short term

  • Correct the URL to download a up-to-date java.
  • Precise that JUpload uses Coppermine resizing and quality parameters or specific parameters (quality)
  • Add a width and a height (movie_wd and movie_ht) fields to the upload form, to allow the user to control animation width and height, instead of the default ones, as currently used by the plugin.
  • Would be better to hide the update/create album buttons on the upload page, if the user is not allowed to update/create at this place (eg: simple user within an admin category). Currently: a javascript alert box explains to the user that he/she may not do that, once he/she click on the button.
  • Add a postUrl parameter, to be able to override the standard calculated uploaded URL: will be useful when someone use frame to redirect to another URL: the real postURL is then 'hidden' to the plugin.
  • Ajax for modification and creation of albums.

Longer term

  • Use the Coppermine jpeg_qual config parameters in JUpload, instead of the specific JUpload config parameter. Not that simple, as Java and GD doesn't compress equaly. Current behaviour is correct.
  • When an upload error occurs, but some pictures are correctly uploaded, the edit_uploaded_pics page should be opened (in another page, to avoid loosing the list of non uploaded pictures, that are still in the applet file list)

Outils personnels